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Curious Frame is dedicated to showcasing contemporary photography that is unique, conveys ideas, stimulates thought and encourages interpretation.

Curious Frame is an online venue dedicated to showcasing contemporary photography that is unique, conveys ideas, stimulates thought and encourages interpretation. Photography from emerging and established artists that goes beyond the single image by allowing us to immerse ourselves in a body of work to explore the photographer's vision. We call it exploring photographic possibilities.

The concept for Curious Frame really began in 2011, when Joshua Evan and Leanne Staples established the online street photography magazine Shoot the Street. After publishing weekly photographer profiles for nearly a year, they decided that focusing solely on street photography was too limiting and decided to put the project on hold.

Fast forward to 2017, Joshua and Leanne are both still passionate about street and documentary photography, but have also developed a deep love for creative photographic techniques like abstract photography, intentional camera movement, moving image, experimental techniques, alternative processes and other photographic possibilities.

Curious Frame was born from a desire to showcase photography that deserves to be seen for more than a fleeting moment. Work that may or may not fit the traditional photographic genres. Work that explores new concepts or techniques. Work that engages us, that pushes the boundaries of photography and that makes us ask questions. Work that makes us curious to know...

Stay Curious,

Joshua & Leanne


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Submissions of work for consideration for publication should be made through our submissions page. If you're interested in contributing an article, please email a brief outline to Joshua or Leanne.


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Joshua Evan

Joshua Evan - Photographer

Joshua is a photographer who specialises in urban photography, street photography and alternative photographic techniques such as intentional camera movement. He's particularly interested in photographic techniques that push the boundaries of photography and is also passionate about indie publishing, particularly artists' books and zines. He lives and works in London, United Kingdom.

Leanne Staples

Leanne Staples - Photographer

Leanne is a photographer, artist, writer and licensed New York City tour guide. Some of the genres she is currently involved in include urban landscape and street photography, highly manipulated photo-based art and various forms of mixed media art including pigment transfer and intentional camera movement. She lives and works in New York City. /