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Samantha Sealy: Samskeyti

I never wanted my photographs to be a reflection of me. I was always good at disconnecting myself from my work. Samskeyti was my first real series and was named after my strongest emotion – "samskeyti" means a literal attachment or "joints", such as what holds a door to a frame, in Icelandic. It is also the name of Sigur Rós song, which seems to describe a feeling of attachment so powerful that it’s almost literal.

Although I didn’t know it yet, it was the first time I wasn’t pretending that while I may not feel attached to my photographs, I often feel deeply attached to places and people.

The images heavily feature destructive processes done by hand to my negatives, an unfortunate parallel to my own ongoing self-destruction. There are some wounds that cannot be explained with words and even if I could find them, I’m not sure I’d want to say them aloud. So I discovered another way to reveal that part of myself I continue to hide from most.

Photographs once disguised as just “cool ideas,” were of a bleak world that reflected where my heart had been living for so long. A world filled with missing pieces/destroyed landscapes and a faceless figure that was not only a stranger to the viewers, but whom I felt had become a complete stranger to me. Nature that had once been a place of solitude for my mind, and the first person that made me believe in forever, had changed. So my photography changed too.


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