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Mark Rindflesh: At the Edges

This set of photographs did not start out as a “project.” Early on, they were just a small part of another project I started the first day of 2014.  In 2012 I decided to test myself by trying to find or create a “thoughtful” image every day for a year.  I decided to do the same thing again in 2014.  I imposed the “thoughtful” requirement on myself simply to encourage a closer scrutiny of wherever I found myself on any given day, usually someplace near work.  From those projects came my first images of shadows and they evolved into what you see here.  As I played with them using various manipulations, my interest grew and I now will periodically go exploring to find suitable beginnings for either shots I label “at the edge,” pure black and pure white, or “closer to the center,” with more gradation.  As is apparent, most of them end up in a square format because, to my eye, there is a little less certainty lodged in the rigorous symmetry of the square.


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