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Linda Wisdom: Light Chaser

Issue 1 – March 2017


My Light Chaser series of images has been an ongoing project for about 8 years, pretty much since I discovered my passion for street photography. As a street photographer and self-confessed 'light chaser', my eyes automatically gravitate towards ‘interesting light’ (whether man-made or natural), and using it in a creative manner. Almost like a spotlight on the scene, one of my creative objectives and styles, is to use ‘patches’ of light to guide the viewers’ eyes to focus on the key subject matter in an image. Alternatively, using ‘whole’ light to add atmosphere or drama to a photograph. 

More often than not, a photographic moment is both felt and seen. One of my greatest pleasures is walking around a city on a sunny day with my camera, turning a corner and stumbling upon an interesting photographic moment with amazing light. Factor in a human element and other visually pleasing bonuses such as shadows, shade and/or silhouettes, etc. and you can create visually strong compositions that may encompass emotion and mood.

Factor in ever-changing light, the changing scene from everyday life of people moving around you, often never standing still for very long, potential obstacles moving in front of the scene. These are just some of my greatest creative challenges when it comes to shooting photos for this Light Chasing project. On the flip side, it is the most rewarding experience – particularly, when the light is just right, everything falls into place, it all comes together and you nail that shot.


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