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Joshua Evan: Fei Fei

At the beginning of February 2017 I was feeling a little lost with my work and was looking for some new inspiration. As often happens when I'm feeling this way, I will come up with an untried idea and see what happens. I call this my 'play time'. So, I asked my friend and fellow artist Fei Fei if she would be interested in modelling for me nude / semi-nude and explained that I wanted to take long-exposure photographs of her dancing to capture the motion and her emotions as she danced. After a few moments of thought she said "I've never modelled nude before as I'm not comfortable with my body, but I trust you completely, so yes". I was delighted.

I set up the studio, Fei Fei put on some of her favourite music and I sat back in the darkened room, observed and took pictures. I did not want to direct her, rather, I wanted her to forget that I was there and get lost in the moment.

This turned out to be a very successful shoot, and of the 394 photographs I made in a very short span of time, 340 of them were keepers. I edited the photographs and showed them to FeiFei a couple of days later. Her reaction to them was beautiful. With a huge smile she said "I'm gorgeous" – I couldn't agree more!


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