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Birka Wiedmaier: Underground Moscow – Berlin

About two years ago I started my Underground Moscow – Berlin series. Using public transport often, I discovered that I was not satisfied with the single images taken there. It was impossible to include the many interesting sounds of the incoming and outgoing trains, the muffled steps of passers-by and their quiet conversations plus the announcements of the trains. A lot of the hustle and bustle of these places did not show in the way I felt them.

To be able to express what I feel there and to give the viewer some impression, I started to experiment with double exposures. At first, the project was about the Moscow Metro only. But spending a lot of time in Berlin, connecting these two places in my photography was kind of natural.

The project is still ongoing and has changed with time, from more still images to including the movement by using longer shutter speeds.

Besides my double exposure project, I love street photography. A place or city becomes alive with its people and their interaction. I like to observe all of this and find the right moment for me to keep.


You can view more of Birka's work by visiting her website or by following her on Instagram or Google +

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