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A New Curious Frame

We have so much that we want to share and we come across so many interesting photographers and techniques – we truly are living in an amazing time. Yet, the format we had chosen when launching Curious Frame was too rigid to bring them to you. In many respects, it was the format of a traditional magazine and while that works for a print publication, for a dynamic internet it feels almost archaic. So we decided to change the way we bring you Curious Frame.

As we move forward with this new format, we still plan to hold true to our mission of publishing bodies of work that are unique, convey ideas, stimulate thought and encourage interpretation. However we are also going to be bringing you news, articles on techniques, interviews, competitions and photo-assignments.

We hope that you like the new format, we look forward to seeing you all participate in the new Curious Frame and keep your amazing submissions coming in!

Stay Curious,

Joshua and Leanne